Boob – ceramic plate

Boob – ceramic plate

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Boob – Ceramic plate and incense holder

Here they are. They usually smile shyly at you from under their T-shirt or proudly present in a push-up. However, this time they will surprise you a bit…

Our ceramic incense sticks holders in a shape of a boob are recommended as a support for natural incense sticks. They also work great with white sage or palo santo. Use them as a ceramic plate for jewelry or trinkets. You choose their use, and they… simply delight you with their beauty. They will work great in any space, as an interesting element of interior design. Put them on the bedside table, dressing table or shelf and try not to look at them :).

Boob ceramic plate in practice

The Boob ceramic plate in the shape of a woman’s breast is handmade and hand glazed ceramics made in Poland. It is created in a local workshop near Krakow and created with the greatest love and anointing. Due to this, the appearance of each item may differ slightly, but you can be sure that each time you will receive an absolutely unique product. Just like women’s breasts are unique and one of a kind. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

Color: beige, transparent, pink
Boob stand dimensions: 11 cm in diameter

Remember that the glaze we use is not recommended for contact with food, especially acidic products such as lemon.

Each of our Boob plates is made by hand from the beginning to the end from the highest quality raw materials, so it may differ slightly from the one you see in the photo. The copy you receive will be absolutely unique.

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