Ceramic toothbrush holder

Ceramic toothbrush holder

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Use it however you want! This product can be used as a toothbrush holder, and the plate can be used to store soap or jewelry.

Due to the hand-made nature of our ceramics, there are no two identical toothbrush containers. This makes them unique and one of a kind!

Check out the other colors of our bathroom toothbrush containers:

Do toothbrush holders have to be boring?

Absolutely not! Even such an inconspicuous detail as a toothbrush cup is responsible for the appearance of your bathroom and your space. Bathroom accessories can also bring joy and create a positive mood for the whole day.

Our toothbrush stands will decorate your interior, make you smile and make you happy from start to an end of your day.

Surround yourself with objects that will support you in celebrating your everyday life in every aspect.

We will happily take care of the details and beautiful setting of your daily rituals.

Remember that the glaze we use is not recommended for contact with food, especially acidic products such as lemon.

Each of our containers is made by hand from the highest quality raw materials from start to finish, so it may differ slightly from the one you see in the photo. The copy you receive will be absolutely unique.

Material: 100% ceramics

Candlestick dimensions: 4 cm x 4.5 cm
Plate dimensions: 7 cm in diameter