Facial Massage Roller – Green Jade

Facial Massage Roller – Green Jade



Roller – green jade massager for face and body massage.

It is made of natural stone and metal.

Add a relaxing massage to your daily beauty routine with a green jade face and body massage roller.

The stones may vary slightly in color and shape, because each of them is unique.

Dimensions: approx. 14 cm x 6 cm
Stone: green jade

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Green jade and its properties.

Green jade will connect you with Nature. If Mother Nature cares about the beauty of nature, she will be most happy to take care of your beauty as well. For your intention, connect the jade stone with Nature and start the massage. Do it, allowing yourself a state of blissful relaxation and entering the deep pleasure of contact with yourself. By including this ritual in your daily care, you will see changes not only on your face, but also in your well-being and attitude throughout the day.

What are the effects of facial massage with a green jade roller?

  • improves blood and lymph flow, thus helping to reduce swelling on the face and under the eyes,
  • gives a feeling of smooth facial skin,
  • relaxes the facial muscles, as a result of which it reduces fine wrinkles,
  • introduces a feeling of relaxation and relaxation,

If you want to know the real effects of roller massage “before and after”, be sure to use it in your daily beauty rituals. We will happily tell you how to use the roller, guide you through the care process and tell you everything we know about facial massage.

Green Jade Facial Massage Roller – Step by step facial massage, technique and tips

Before starting the massage, it is worth cooling the roller by placing it in the freezer for a few minutes. You can also keep the massager permanently in the refrigerator and take it out just before the massage. Thanks to this, you will not only pleasantly cool your skin, but also deal with any swelling faster.


Start by cleansing the skin of your face and neck. Remove make-up.


Be sure to apply a small amount of your favorite oil, serum or face cream to your face so that the plate can gently glide on the skin.


  • The stone should be positioned so that its edge touches the skin.
  • Perform the roller massage with centrifugal movements – massage your face from the center outwards, i.e. towards the ears, chin line or hair.
  • Individual movements should be performed in the same direction, f.e. start the movement and finish it, and then, removing the stone from the face, return to the starting point and perform the entire movement again for a certain number of repetitions.
  • Use a large roller on larger skin surfaces such as the neck, forehead or cheeks. Use a small roller to massage your nose or the delicate eye area.
  • Act intuitively. Spend more time massaging the places on your face and body that need your attention the most at a given moment.
  • Do a massage with love for yourself. By massaging your face, neck or body, you will enter a state of peace, relaxation and bliss and take full care of yourself. Feel the Joy of this small – great pleasure that you are giving yourself. Appreciate your Beauty, feel Gratitude to your Body. Say to yourself silently or aloud: “I love you.”

How often should you perform a roller massage?

Remember about regularity. Massage with a natural stone massager several times a week, preferably every day. You can treat this time as a daily practice of self-love.

How to care for your massager?

After each use, wash the massager with warm water and a small amount of gentle facial cleansing gel or soap, then wipe it dry and store it in a dry place.

Contraindications to performing massage.

Do not perform the massage if you have acne skin, inflammation, skin burns or torn epidermis.