Natural Incense Sticks – Orange & Lily

Natural Incense Sticks – Orange & Lily



Orange & Lily incense sticks

Natural Japanese-style incense sticks with the scent of Orange & Lily. Stick incense sticks from High Light are a pleasure you’ve never known before. Forget about the smokey, suffocating incense sticks that are still in your drawer. Get to know High Light incense sticks, which will become permanent companions of your daily rituals, and their scents will put you into a state of wonderful relaxation.

Natural Orange & Lily incense will delight your senses with a fragrant, floral and fruity mixture. Turn them on and feel like you’re visiting your favorite perfumery. You can feel a lot of surprises in this scent, because this incense stick was created like a perfume of the highest quality. Light them and enjoy the deep fragrance notes:

Top notes: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Green Leaves
Heart notes: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Lily
Base notes: Amber, Musk, Sandalwood

Our incense sticks do not have a bamboo stick. It is a pure, natural fragrance that you can enjoy without any problems.

Each tube contains as many as 20 perfume sticks of our incense sticks.

Our offer also includes other incense sticks, such as:

Why are our incense sticks so great?

  • We create them in the Japanese style. This means that we pay great attention to how our incense sticks smell. We make sure that their scents are perfumey, soothing and relaxing. You can think of our incense sticks as sprinkling your space with a bit of your favorite perfume.
  • These incense sticks don’t burn. Our incense sticks do not smoke and do not emit a suffocating smell. When you turn it on, you will notice a light, perfumed smoke spreading in the air and filling your room with a pleasant scent.
  • We do not add a bamboo stick. Our incense sticks are pure, natural ingredients and fragrances. We do not add a bamboo stick to them. The idea is that you can enjoy the pure scent of our incense sticks without any interruptions or distractions.
  • Natural ingredients. We use natural ingredients and fragrances. We do not add chemicals. Our production process is focused on obtaining the best possible natural scent of incense sticks.

How to properly light an Orange & Lily incense stick?

  • Take an incense stick and place it on the stand. If you are looking for a suitable ceramic incense holder, you will find it in our ceramic incense holder category.
  • Light an incense stick at its top.
  • Wait until a small flame starts burning. Then put it out by blowing carefully. The incense should start to smoke.
  • Enjoy the perfume scent of incense filling your space.
  • Remember the safety rules. Place the product on a stable and heat-resistant surface. Do not leave burning incense unattended.
  • If you wish, you can put out the incense at any time. Just gently put it out against your ceramic stand. You can also break the incense sticks into smaller particles and burn them as needed.

Color: pink, green, orange
Tube dimensions: 23cm x 2.1cm
Product weight with packaging: 20g
Weight of incense sticks: 10g
Incense stick length: 21cm
Ingredients: sandalwood powder, lavender powder, amber, sticky plant powder, essential oils (Lavender, Sweet Orange, Green Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Lily, Ambergris, Musk, Sandalwood)