Night Light Sky – ceramic tray

Night Light Sky – ceramic tray



Night Light Sky – ceramic moon plate and tray

Ceramic tray in the shape of a moon, light blue with navy blue dots (speckled). Look at the moon stand and imagine the sky on a warm summer day. You have this blue exclusively for yourself. Use it to light your favorite incense, e.g. white sage or palo sticks. The Night Light Blue ceramic plate is a great companion for your meditations. It will also work great as a plate for jewelry or as an original decoration of your home space.

Light blue ceramic moon stand

Color: light blue (speckled)
Dimensions of the stand: 14.5 cm x 10 cm

Remember that the glaze we use is not recommended for contact with food, especially acidic products such as lemon.

Each of our moon-shaped ceramic tray is made by hand from the beginning to the end from the highest quality raw materials, so it may differ slightly from the one you see in the photo. The copy you receive will be absolutely unique.

In our store you will find moon-shaped ceramic trays in the following colors: