Where It All Begins beige – ceramic tray

Where It All Begins beige – ceramic tray



Where It All Begins Beige – vulva ceramic stand

A ceramic base in the shape of a female yoni, vulva or pussy in beige and blue with a shiny pearl center. Use it to light your favorite incense, e.g. white sage or palo sticks. Where It All Begins will also work great as a plate for jewelry or as an original decoration of your home space.

Do you know what creative power is hidden in every woman? A woman’s womb symbolizes the source – the very beginning of everything and unlimited possibilities of creation, so it will be perfect in the process of manifesting your Desires. Think about this by lighting your favorite incense from High Light and placing it on your sensual holder, then create the Reality you want for yourself and everyone around you. Feel the power of femininity!

Where It All Begins blue coaster – Feel the Joy of Who You Are

Or maybe the “Where It All Begins” ceramic stand will serve you as a tool to practice self-acceptance? Feel Joy in who you are. Appreciate your beauty, gentleness and unlimited ability to love everything and everyone. Use this skill to sincerely and unconditionally love yourself – your body, your soul, your entire being! Because you are wonderful!

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Color: Pastel shades of pink, blue, white
Dimensions of the stand: 14 cm x 9 cm

Where It All Begins with a blue center.

Our offer also includes the Where It All Begins ceramic coaster with a mint center.

Remember that the glaze we use is not recommended for contact with food, especially acidic products such as lemon.

Each of our hand-shaped trays is made by hand from the beginning to the end from the highest quality raw materials, so it may differ slightly from the one you see in the photo. The copy you receive will be absolutely unique.

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