Don’t think too much! Candle flame meditation to reduce the amount of thought.

HighLight świeczki
  • You worry too much
  • You over-analyze
  • You are preoccupied with thoughts
  • You overthink everything
  • You often ask yourself “what if…” questions
  • It feels like your brain won’t shut off
  • You cannot finish one thought because another is already appearing

Any of the above phrases are about you? It means you have too many thoughts.

A thought understood as a thoughtform is important and necessary, it starts the creative process, starts Creation, but you do not need to analyze the past on a daily basis, worry about the future or build dozens of alternative scenarios of what may (but does not have to) happen. Such a state of over-thinking is not the natural state of Man. It can be a source of unwanted emotional states: anxiety, apathy, sadness, anger.

What’s the reason for that?

For a very simple reason, because your thoughts, your mind and your emotions are related and interact with each other. Thoughts through the mind (programs, patterns, beliefs) stimulate the structure of an emotion, triggering that emotion. Conversely, emotions evoke thoughts in you. That’s why the less you think, the better it is for you.

How to reduce the amount of thoughts?

There are lots of ways. We encourage you to try candle light meditation.

Candle fire is a very good contemplation object because it catches our eye and is visually interesting. 

The whole point is to focus your attention on one activity and to do it consciously.

  1. Give yourself peace of mind (sit comfortably, if there are household members at home, ask that no one disturb you for a few minutes). Your meditation practice doesn’t need to be long, just 5 minutes is enough. It is important that you are not distracted by anything else during this time.
  2. Light the candle and place it at eye level.
  3. Get into a brief act with your imagination.
    – Imagine taking your brain out of your head with your hands and putting it on a beach chair or hammock.
    – You put earplugs in your ears.
    – Cover your mouth with a thick gray tape.
    – Say (mentally or out loud) “My thought structure is at rest. I need peace. My thoughts fade away. I feel peace, harmony, balance. I clear the thought structure of any foreign energies. My desire is to think less. “
  1. Now focus your eyes on the flame, notice its colors, do they change during burning, how the flame moves, maybe it shakes slightly, watch the wax begin to melt.
  2. Don’t get discouraged, don’t blame yourself if you don’t get it right away, try to be an observer of the process.
  3. Repeat this action every day. Let it become your daily ritual.
  4. After some time, introduce this ‘meditation’ into your daily activities such as washing your hands, dishes, ironing, etc. It is important that you can turn off your thoughts while doing them, so it is better not to start with cycling or open heart surgery.  

Remember that regularity and consistency are important. Repeat the meditation every day for at least 5 days and after these days you will notice a difference in your well-being –  comfort, relief, peace.

Finally, remember!

Say what you think, do what you say. If you act like that in Love and Good, you don’t have to worry about anything (read: think).