Abundance – natural crystals set

Abundance – natural crystals set



Abundance – set of natural stones

High Light Abundance Kit is a tool that will help you direct your energy towards the creation of Abundance in those areas of your Life where you feel a lack of it. Why are our kits effective? Because they use special crystal grids, i.e. geometric systems that allow the Light Energy to flow between the stones, strengthening their power. The grid, the types of stones and their arrangement have been carefully matched with a given Intention to support you as much as possible in the process of fulfilling your Desire.

High Light Abundance Kit consist of:

  • set of 13 natural stones including: 1 amethyst, 2 aventurines, 4 pyrites, 2 selenites, 4 rock crystals
  • cotton pouch for storing your stones
  • a geometry gold print cloth – flower od life
  • a natural soy candle in a green color that support your Intention
  • a card to inscribe your Intention
  • a guide how to use your set
  • and beautiful decorative tube

Choose this kit if:

  • you want to feel the state of Joy in the field of Work and Finance,
  • you want to experience the free flow of Money Energy,
  • you want to feel the comfort of being able to fulfill your needs and desires,
  • you want to feel Fulfilled in your Job
  • you want to reduce or remove the blockages that separate you from Full Abundance,
  • you want to find new opportunities in the field of Work and Finance,

How does it work:

In our kit you will find a detailed instruction that will guide you through the process of arranging the stones on the crystal grid.

You will learn from it:

  • about the meaning of individual stones and their functions,
  • about unusual properties of energy transfer through crystals,
  • how to properly arrange the stones on the mat to maximize its manifestation effect,

Open up to the extraordinary changes that are just appearing in your Life and be sure that everything you need will be manifested soon.


Tube height: 22 cm
Tube diameter: 10 cm
Weight: approx. 0.5 kg
Cloth with geometry dimensions: 31cmx31cm
Candle height: 20 cm

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