Facial Massage Mushroom – Black Obsidian

Facial Massage Mushroom – Black Obsidian



Black obsidian mushroom for face and body massage

It is made of 100% natural stone.

Discover a relaxing home SPA ritual using a black obsidian facial and body massage mushroom.

The stones may vary slightly in color and shape, because each of them is unique and unique.

Mushroom dimensions: approx. 3.7 cm x 3.7 cm
Stone: black obsidian

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Black obsidian and its properties.

Black obsidian is believed to have cleansing and protective properties. Use it to soothe yourself and your skin with a relaxing massage. Feel taken care of, feel free from all outside influences, feel truly yourself.

What are the effects of facial and body massage with black obsidian mushroom?

  • perfect for spot massage,
  • helps to massage tense muscles of the body and face,
  • facilitates gentle massage of the eye area,
  • improves blood and lymph flow, thus helping to reduce swelling on the face and under the eyes,
  • relaxes the facial muscles, resulting in a smoother and firmer complexion,

If you want to know the real effects of “before and after” massage with a natural stone mushroom, be sure to use it in your daily beauty rituals. We will happily tell you how to use the mushroom, guide you through the care process and tell you everything we know about facial massage.

Black Obsidian Mushroom – Step by step facial massage, technique and tips

Before starting the massage, it is worth cooling the mushroom by keeping it in the freezer for a few minutes. You can also keep the massage stone permanently in the refrigerator and take it out just before the massage. Thanks to this, you will not only pleasantly cool your skin, but also deal with any swelling faster.


Start by cleansing the skin of your face and neck. Remove make-up.


Be sure to apply a small amount of your favorite oil, serum or face cream to your face so that the mushroom can gently glide over the skin.


  • Start the massage from the hollows of the collarbone. Massage them with circular movements.
  • Massage the hollows behind the ears with circular movements. Then gently massage your neck with long movements from top to bottom, avoiding the thyroid area.
  • Proceed to facial massage. Start with the chin and cheeks. Massage them with spiral or long movements. Feel which ones suit you better.
  • Using the smaller tip of the mushroom, gently massage the area from the corner of the eye to the paranasal folds, as well as the upper eyelids.
  • Massage the lion’s wrinkle using circular movements, then move to the forehead. Massage your forehead with long movements from one side to the other, then down and up.
  • Your intuition is important when massaging your face and body with a mushroom. Place the mushroom freely where you feel needed and gently massage away tension in your body and face with circular or long movements.
  • Do a massage with love for yourself. By massaging your face, neck or body, you will enter a state of peace, relaxation and bliss and take full care of yourself. Feel the Joy of this small – great pleasure that you are giving yourself. Appreciate your Beauty, feel Gratitude to your Physicality. Say to yourself silently or aloud: “I love you.”

How often should you do a natural stone massage?

Remember about regularity. Perform stone massage at least several times a week, preferably every day. You can treat this time as a daily practice of self-love.

How to care for your natural stone mushroom?

After each use, wash the mushroom with warm water and a small amount of gentle facial cleansing gel or soap, then wipe it dry and store it in a dry place.

Contraindications to performing massage.

Do not perform the massage if you have acne skin, inflammation, skin burns or torn epidermis.